“I have been, unfortunately, out of contract for around three months. In that time I have been contacted or approached by many agencies. I have been dismayed by either the hardnosed approach or lethargy shown by pretty much all the consultants I have spoken to. Almost despondent at how they have either blatantly lied about roles or the prospective position seems to disappear. However, my faith has been changed after being placed ina contract by Chloe via Tlp consultancy. She has effectively placed me in a role, she thought a good fit within a matter of days. Her manner, her efficiency and professionalism has been a total breath of fresh air. Thanks wholly to her, I believe I secured the role, small things make a big difference. When faced with no work, to have someone who seems to care and wants to bring you the right role for you skill set , I think, and from my immediate experience is a rare commodity. Thank you.”