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“I have been, unfortunately, out of contract for around three months. In that time I have been contacted or approached by many agencies. I have been dismayed by either the hardnosed approach or lethargy shown by pretty much all the consultants I have spoken to. Almost despondent at how they have either blatantly lied about roles or the prospective position seems to disappear. However, my faith has been changed after being placed ina contract by Chloe via Tlp consultancy. She has effectively placed me in a role, she thought a good fit within a matter of days. Her manner, her efficiency and professionalism has been a total breath of fresh air. Thanks wholly to her, I believe I secured the role, small things make a big difference. When faced with no work, to have someone who seems to care and wants to bring you the right role for you skill set , I think, and from my immediate experience is a rare commodity. Thank you.”

G. Singh

“Martin recently helped me find a job in London. He understood my skills and acted as a vital link between the company and me. He provided regular feedback at the various interview stages and acted professionally at all times. Highly recommended.”

D. Valentine

“It was great working with Martin as he found me an excellent role that was a perfect match for the path I wished to take in my career. I found him personable and informative and highly recommend his services in recruitment.”

G. Small

“Nic recruited me for my current role in Dubai – from initial communication through to me actually taking up my new role, Nic worked extremely effectively and kept me up to speed with all developments – which was an extremely difficult task as the company were less than forthcoming with information. Next time I’m looking for a job, I’m calling Nic again.”

Paul D.

“Richard showed an uncommon & welcome example of how Recruitment Agents should keep the candidate informed and prepared for a tough interview at a demanding potential employer.

I highly recommend seeking Richard whenever an IT professional requires a new position, as his approach makes the whole process much less painful.”

Tony G

Mike and his team were always there to give us the people we needed, quickly, and spent a lot of effort usefully sifting to give the best candidates to match our requirements profile. I would recommend TLP and Mike for recruitment in the Automotive IT sector.

A. Richards

I would like to thank you for your ability in negotiating a great offer for me. I would also like to let you know how much I appreciate your patient, no-pressure approach. Other people in a similar position to yourself were not as considerate as you were, and should really take a leaf out of your book.

I haven’t moved company for 6 years, and this is the first time that my move is proactive, as opposed to being forced into it (previous company went bankrupt). Because of this, I needed to take my time and see a veriety of companies and roles to make sure that I was comfortable in my next move. I am now convinced that a job at a bank would not have been a great movefor me right now – perhaps in a few years time. For now, I am sure that I am making the right move.


Martin is very meticulous and takes time to go through the resume in detail, always ready to call back to discuss if any particular project / technology mentioned in resume needs to be elaborated. He approached me with JDs that really matched my profile and the areas of interest to me. He scheduled interviews quite quickly and at convinent time for both parties, and kept me up-to-date throughout the whole process. It was a pleasure working with him

IT Director

“We have used TLP as our main IT recruitment agency and partner throughout the company’s existence. We have grown from 10 employees to over 900 with 130 IT staff, in all disciplines. We have maintained our strategy of sourcing and primarily employing our own IT staff throughout the company’s growth.

We have worked with TLP since 2005 and since that time they have recruited for us in excess of 100 people, both contract and permanent. Whilst we have a preferred suppliers list of 4-5 recruitment agencies, I would estimate that 75% of our recruits have been via TLP. Roles recruited have covered the whole spectrum of IT, including Infrastructure Engineers, .net developers, Business Analysts, Security Analysts, DBA’s Test Analysts in fact right across the spectrum including senior members of the team.

TLP have proved they are able to operate in many differing market conditions, and have remained close to us even at times when recruitment demand has been low. From a personal point of view, their advice and guidance regarding the current and future market trends, salary and benefit benchmarks, specific to our needs and locality, has proved priceless.

TLP have listened to our needs and used what I consider to be a unique level of technical understanding within recruitment agencies. By building a close relationship with my recruiting managers and keeping in contact with staff they have placed, TLP understand the types of personality and culture that fits with our IT Teams.

As a result the quality of candidates we receive from TLP is higher than from others, we rarely discard a candidate from TLP before interview.

I would have no hesitation recommending TLP as a recruitment partner for IT, and would be very happy to expand on this email with a verbal conversation if needed.”

K. Horner

Martin is one of the most conscientious and diligent recruitment agents I have ever met. His ability to find the right person for the role is amazing. Quality rather than quantity would be one the most appropriate ways of describing Martins recruitment practises.

K. Rao

Martin was a pleasure to work with being both professional and personable at the same time. He has been very thorough and responsive throughout the recruitment process.

Martin helped me in landing a much desired and crucial career move. Highly recommended.

J. Pearson

Nic provded a quality service in his role as a Director of TLP. His attention to detail was particularly impressive as was his quality to provide top quality consultants fit for the job unlike many recruitment agencies who “bombard” clients with CVs. Nic provided the right people at the right time and provided an excellent “after sales” service. Highly recommended

Luis G

Richard is an experienced operator with an eye for detail. Richard always rises to the challenge, delivering results consistently, within timescales and always to budget. Richard will never over promise, but will always deliver! I have a working relationship of over ten years with Richard and my recommendation is based on watching him perform in different roles.

C. Hubbard

When recruiting, you need someone like Martin helping you out. I’ve always found Martin to be professional, polite and always willing to help. He’s brilliant at confirming interview dates straight away which makes things easier for me no end, and shows that he knows how to build a great relarionship with everyone involved in the process. I would definitely recommend Martin and look forward to continually working with him.


Martin was very helpful and understanding in knowing what sort of job role I was looking for and the type of environment I’d be happy to work in.
He takes the time to understand your requirements and carries a highly professional attitude when providing feed back in a responsive and timely manner.

I would highly recommend Martin to any IT professional who is looking for their next IT career role and would always be my first point of call when searching for other exciting roles.

P. Rushmore

We have used Martin on a number of occasions and he has always provided highly relevant candidiates (we have just made an offer to one) and been very professional and helpful.

We are based in Aberdeen and TLP was the only non-Scottish agency we used and, despite this, they have always come up with very strong candidates so we will continue to use his services in future.

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